Helix Syn Silicone Prostate Massager by Aneros

Disclaimer: This review contains graphic writing and should only be viewed by individuals above the age of 18.

The Box…

So, immediately I noticed how nice the packaging was with this toy. The outer sleeve has a wonderful description of the enhancements added since the original design. It also includes skill level, as well as a photo of the toy. The company who sent me this toy (SheVibe) provides silver seals on all packages. If tampered with, the word void appears on the sticker.

Once removing the outer sleeve, you’re left with a super sexy little red box! If you’re like me, and have lots of smaller toys such as bullet vibes or vibrators, then these boxes are a LIFE-SAVER. They are especially nice when they are sleek and sexy like this one!

The Toy…

At first glance the Helix Syn by Aneros, doesn’t seem like much. G-Spot stimulators that I have used in the past were much larger and more rigid. That my friends is exactly where those other toys faltered. The Helix Syn is very minimalistic and refined. Made of a very flexible ABS plastic and paired with an extremely soft outer layer made of silicone. It is phthalate-free and non porous. I recommend only using water based lubricants with this toy.

The Design…

The two key factors that make this toy perform so well, are the shape of the main shaft, and the position at which the perineum stimulator is located. These two things combined form a strong squeezing feeling on the prostate whenever flexing, thus producing an extremely satisfying sensation. At times this can be overwhelming, but with enough practice you will be able to ejaculate using this toy hands free. I will write more about handsfree orgasms in depth in a later post.

One thing I would change about this toy is size. The main shaft is right at 4 Inches in length and the wisest point is 1.1 Inches. Everytime I use it I find myself wishing I felt a little more full. For someone who has lots of penetrative play, this toy can leave a bit of “wiggle room” when inside you. Aneros solves this issue by having multiple designs of g-spot stimulators varying in size and shape. SheVibe carries 2 different styles of Syn prostate massagers by Aneros. The Eupho Syn, which is slightly longer, provides deeper stimulation than the Helix.

The shape of the Helix Syn is specifically designed to put pressure on the prostate, a.k.a. The anal G-Spot. For me this is a rather difficult spot to stimulate fully. I have zero issues when using this toy. It is carefully shaped to achieve this and has no issues maximizing pleasure.

The aspect that stood out the most among the Helix Syn’s features is that since the perineum stimulator is made of such soft plastic, it bends as I flex. This makes the toy very comfortable and drastically improves the user experience.

Another awesome part of this toy is the handle. When you want to give yourself a bit “extra” stimulation, you can grab the handle and either gently massage your prostate, or aggressively pump it! This is a wonderful addition for those wanting to work their way to handsfree ejaculation. Aneros more advanced designs, such as the Trident, do not employ this handle. The Helix Syn is for someone who wants to become a more experienced user of prostate stimulators.

The Manual…

I found it VERY nice that they included a user guide for this toy. Aneros considers this toy to be perfect for all experience levels, but I believe this mostly has to do with size since this is a smaller toy. Handsfree Orgasms are not an easy thing to achieve when first learning, and in my honest opinion this toy is for getting to a point where you can do this easily. This is where the user guide can be really nice. Someone who has never heard of a handsfree orgasm may pick up this toy and be opened to an entirely new world because they included a manual that gives instructions and a link to a forum.

Aneros Peridise

The Technique…

The best word of advice I can give you regarding the Helix Syn is Patience. More often than not, when I put this toy in, I get very excited very quickly, and this is because of the intense squeezing effect on the prostate. Try to slow your breathing, and just focus on the way it feels inside you. Try to notice what feels best, as handsfree orgasms can differ from person to person. You will notice flexing feels absurdly good. This is the key, and it’s all about rhythm. Don’t go too fast because you will sort of over stimulate the prostate. Don’t go too slow or you won’t keep the arousal going. Edging at its finest.

Score: 4.5/5

Price: $69.95

Buy here: Helix Syn


Become an affiliate!

This Helix Syn by Aneros was sent to me by the wonderful company SheVibe, in exchange for an honest review of the product. On their website you will find a large selection of toys to choose from, with discounts everywhere. All orders above $68 include free shipping. If you are a reviewer or would like to join, they also have an affiliate program. Shevibe is an awesome company and I will continue working with them in the future. 💕

Thank you so much for reading!

-Luna Vixen


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