The Screw You Silicone Dildo (Small) – by Split Peaches

Disclaimer: This review contains graphic writing and should only be viewed by individuals above the age of 18


One thing you can be sure of when ordering products from Split Peaches is their attention to detail. This was my view as I opened the box. (I removed the top flap for the photo.)

I was welcomed by a beautiful purple envelope with a shimmer finish. On the envelope was a sticker thanking me for my order, signed by Andy. I was ecstatic the moment I opened the box because my favorite color is purple!

The Screw You was inside a cute little package with a warning that states “DO NOT USE WITH SILICONE LUBRICANTS”. This sticker also mentions different ways to wash the toy. Split peaches makes all of their products in the U.S..

Some Goodies…

Inside the purple envelope was a small plastic bag with 2 Split Peaches Stickers as well as 2 tattoos and a keychain! I adore when companies do this type of thing. I immediately put the stickers on my PC, and the keychain on my keys!

The Toy…

Okay… So first of all, wow.

My expectations were absolutely shattered. There are so many unique ways to play with this toy. The Screw You is SO much more than just a dildo fashioned to look like a screw. This is a well thought out pleasure machine. The Screw You can be worn as a butt plug or used as a dildo.

The reason I initially chose this toy is the design. I honestly thought, “Aw, what a cute little Screw dildo!”, and had to have it. Once I received it I was so blown away at the quality. I realized I had stumbled across one of the nicest toy companies in America.

This is not only because of the beautiful presentation of the package, but the materials that Split Peaches uses to make their toys. 100% Platinum Cure Silicone is used for all of their products. If for some reason you aren’t a fan of the Metallic color, they also offer this toy in rainbow!

Split peaches does an awesome job of adding those cute little touches to things. On the base of the dildo, or “head” of the screw, they’ve imprinted their logo. A cute peach with the letters “SP”. The base on the Screw You also provides a wonderful grip for when you finally decide to kick it into overdrive.

My two favorite ways to play with this toy are by moving it in and out to feel the ridges, and by literally screwing the toy into me with a twisting motion. I recommend you use lots of lube with these techniques. This entire ordeal will leave you reeling and wanting more.

Size Matters…

The Screw You is second in the “MechaDong” line of steampunk dildos. The first in this line is The Rivetor. In my opinion, the Screw You a runs a bit big. Let me explain… Usually when I buy a dildo, I choose a medium just to be safe. I would rather it be too big rather than too small. That way I have something to work up to!

However… for this toy specifically, I decided to go with the small size. My reasoning for this is because of the “ridges”. Each ridge being 1.45 Inches in diameter. Many companies today are comparing their toys to a soda can. This is a strategy employed by Split Peaches and it helped me out a lot when deciding on a size.

The Swirl…

Lastly we get to my favorite part of any hand-poured toy; The Swirl.

This toy delivers on all fronts. With dark streams and unique droplets spread throughout to accent the base, this Swirl is very special and helps to make the toy One-of-a-Kind.

Score: 4/5

Price: $40.00

Buy here: Screw You

Split Peaches!

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-Luna Vixen