Helios, The Sun God by Ūberrime

Disclaimer: This review contains graphic writing and should only be viewed by individuals above the age of 18

The Artist…

Ūberrime, is a company based out of Orlando, Florida. This is a one-man operation run by Marco, A Connoisseur of what he calls “functional art”. I first came across his store while browsing twitter. I was completely in awe of the tentacle that appeared on the screen in front of me. I said to myself, “Oh, there’s got to be more.”, and I was right. I opened the Ūberrime website and began my journey, searching for a dildo that stood out among toys that stood out all by themselves! It was then that I came across the Helios Sun God and knew I had found what I was looking for.

The Package…

With every toy comes an envelope marked with the Ūberrime logo and hand signed by Marco himself. Along with this envelope is the toy you ordered inside a nice bag that feels silky.

Inside the envelope resides a very helpful Q&A along with Terms and Conditions. I think this information is extremely important. Everyone should know which lube you cannot use and the best way to store your sex toys.

The Toy…

I want to start off by talking about the colors. This toy specifically was pre-made. Meaning Marco, from Ūberrime chose these colors and density himself. One of my biggest issues when buying custom toys is choosing color/pattern. I was so pleased to find a pre-made toy on the website with exciting colors as well as patterns! I knew I wanted this toy the moment I saw it. Marco uses UV Colors in this dildo, when under a black light the colors look electrifying.

The Helios Sun God has a length of 8.25 Inches, with a head circumference of 6 1/8″ and a shaft circumference of 5 3/8″. This specific arrangement uses Soft/Medium silicone, and will stand up on its own.

The head of the Helios is amazing for anal play. The massive gap in size between the head and the shaft makes for quite the sensation. At times I found myself using only the head of the toy because of how nice that transition felt. The shaft is also rather interesting. The tall yet soft ridges never fail to stimulate deeply when thrusting the toy quickly.

If you manage to take the entire toy, you’ll notice how much the base of the piece adds to the overall experience. It is flared and the ridges become even taller. At times the ridges can be a little intense, and I’m glad this toy was made with soft/medium silicone because of this. Also, make sure you are using plenty of lube with this toy, as the ridges feel much better when fully lubricated.

Speaking with Marco about custom add ons is certainly an option. Currently, the only add ons he is capable of doing are Vac-U-Lok Strap on sockets, and Tango We-Vibe sockets. The website is not geared towards these kinds of add ons at this time but can be discussed in a dialogue with Marco.

The Swirl…

I noticed when browsing uberrime.com the attention to detail that went into every toy. This goes much further than just the Swirl. Every single toy offered by Ūberrime includes some sort of unique intricate detail. Even the more modern pieces offered feature extremely unique shapes. That being said, this toy includes a beautiful swirl, filled with love by Marco. You can see the time that was put into this final detail as he shaped the lovely flower that resides within the base.

Score: 4.5/5

Price: $79.00

Buy here: Helios, The Sun God


This “Helios The Sun God” is a dildo I purchased from a very unique company named Ūberrime (Uber Ree May) that is based out of Orlando Florida and run by one man named Marco. On his website you will find several designs of dildo to choose from that are made by Marco himself. If you would like to follow him on Twitter, his twitter handle is: @uberrimedildos

Thank you so much for reading!

-Luna Vixen