Dragon Tail by Tantus

Disclaimer: This review contains graphic writing and should only be viewed by individuals above the age of 18

The Brand…

Tantus is a sex toy company that since the 90’s has helped to move entire industry towards using safer materials in order to better promote sexual, physical, and mental well being. Recently I reviewed the Severin butt plug that is made by Tantus and was extremely impressed with how smooth and soft the materials were to the touch. The reason I decided on the Dragon Tail was to give myself some insight into what Tantus produces on the BDSM side of things.

The Toy…

When it comes to Dragon Tails, my main concern is balance. If you have a toy that is not balanced well it can be difficult to find a decent rhythm during impact play sessions. I just want to say this toy is extremely well balanced and after getting familiar with it for a while you should be able to find a technique that works for you. If this toy doesn’t do it for you, Tantus has a total of TEN silicone Impact style toys on the shevibe website. One that caught my eye was the Tawse. It seems a bit heavier and I prefer a more weighted toy.

The Material…

One thing that makes me really appreciate this toy is the fact that its made of body-safe silicone. Meaning the handle can be used for anal play. Toys with Multiple uses are SO worth it. I do recommend using this toy on yourself before using it on another person, so you can gauge pain levels. Since the toy is made of silicone it can be very painful if desired. I also found use in the handle as a type of “cane”.

Using The Toy…

Immediately I realized how diverse this toy was. My favorite part is the area labeled “Tantus“. The way this functioned was similar to a riding crop but with the whiplash effect from the tip of the Dragon Tail. I thought this was a great part of the design as I was able to switch my technique in the middle of play to achieve different sensations. A fun thing to do with this toy is to cover it in lube as well as your partner during impact sessions. This can really mix things up, and is not a problem since you are easily able to wash the toy afterwards.

The Design…

The Dragon Tail is super sleek and well thought out. The stiffness of the handle translates to the base of the tail. Giving the toy a more thuddy feel. Toward the tip of the Dragon Tail the toy gets more flexible and allows for a stinging effect. Usually toys of this nature are used more rhythmically and the design of this toy is perfect for this type of technique. I definitely recommend this toy if you are fan of dragon tails and would like something fairly portable, body-safe, and easy to clean. My biggest pet peeve was the size. It felt tiny in my hand and at times, caused a lot of issues getting a rhythm going. The tail is 16.75″ in length. The insertable length of the handle is about 6.75″. My main problem was the handle, with a diameter at about .5″. In my opinion, the handle should have been a bit bulkier, and the tail a bit longer. If our preferences align, check out the Wham Bam Paddle. Another silicone impact toy by Tantus.

Exploring Technique…

I’ve Spoken a lot about how nice this toy is for impact play. But you may be asking, “What about getting a more sensual experience?” or “What about more gentle foreplay?”. My answer is, this is a great toy for being a bit more gentle. The tip is small and since the material is so soft, it feels extremely pleasurable. Overall, I was able to find a lot of uses for this toy and was very pleased with its functionality.

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: $24.99

Buy here: Dragon Tail by Tantus


Become an affiliate!

This Dragon Tail by Tantus was sent to me by the wonderful company SheVibe, in exchange for an honest review of the product. On their website you will find a large selection of toys to choose from, with discounts everywhere. All orders above $68 include free shipping. If you are a reviewer or would like to join, they also have an affiliate program. Shevibe is an awesome company and I will continue working with them in the future. 💕

Thank you so much for reading!

Luna Vixen

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