Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Disclaimer: This review contains graphic writing and should only be viewed by individuals above the age of 18

In Search of a New Sensation…

Recently, while browsing the web in search of a new sensation, I came across a somewhat unusual type of sex toy technology that really peaked my interest. This Technology is called Sonic Pulse. It works in a similar manner to a speaker by moving a small membrane back and forth at a quick pace that allows for “pulses” to occur. Ever since I first fell in love with my Mini Halo by Shibari, I’ve been looking for something a bit more portable that would work well in water and the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is absolutely that toy.

The Design…

The first thing I noticed about the Pro Traveler is the super sleek design. The area which provides stimulation is made to fit around a clitoris. Since coming out as a trans woman, I have learned to enjoy orgasms that are achieved through vibration instead of the typical “jerking off” motion. For me, this is much more satisfying, and causes minimal dysphoria. The Satisfyer Pro Traveler Has 11 different settings allowing you to find a happy medium and adjust as needed.

Shevibe Carries a total of 9 Sonic Pulse massagers by Satisfyer. The Pro Traveler, which is about 4.8 Inches long is a smaller version of the Pro Plus. If neither of these interest you, there is also the Sona from Lelo which comes in three separate colors. The Sona skillfully employs the same Sonic Pulse technology as mentioned above.

The Technique…

First off, I need to mention that unless using this toy fully submerged in water, you will not receive much stimulation. This was the biggest issue for me. Submerging this toy in water causes the sensation to become much more developed, sending the vibrations through the water like tiny little waves. This is an extremely intense sensation on higher settings, and is now the only way I use this toy. At this point, you’re probably wondering if this toy is fully waterproof, and the answer is yes. The Satisfyer is completely waterproof, meaning it may be submerged up to several feet with no issues. My favorite technique is to simply hold it underneath the head, and on the underside of the penis. This allows me to achieve back to back orgasms.

One of the nicest things about the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is portability. This specific version was designed for travel. When you are finished using/cleaning it, you can just pop the case back on and put it in your purse. I was also pleasantly surprised with the charger. The mechanism used for charging involves two magnetized ball bearings that easily attach to the device. The reason I appreciate this design so much is durability. Cables that “plug in” degrade over time, but that is not an issue here.

Final Thoughts…

Overall, I really enjoy using this toy during bath-time, broadening my own horizons and providing a special companion for couples who enjoy taking baths together. The sleek design gives a toy that already shines based on functionality, an undeniable level of character. I would also like to mention how gratifying it has been to achieve orgasm with toys meant for clitoral stimulation. In my experience as a trans woman, dysphoria around sexuality exists, even though I am empowered by it. This toy has provided me with something that many toys cannot, and has made a lasting impression.

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $39.95

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