Deep Diver by Überrime

Disclaimer: This review contains graphic writing and should only be viewed by individuals above the age of 18

The Artist…

Ūberrime, is a company based out of Orlando, Florida. This is a one-person operation run by Marco, A Connoisseur of what he calls “functional art”. Ever since I first came across his store several months ago, I’ve wanted to explore his inventory in depth. Finally, I got the chance to dig deeper while browsing the SheVibe website when suddenly a wondrous glow in the dark tentacle popped up on the screen! I was giddy to say the least. I thought to myself, “I’ve GOT to have it!” and here it is… The Deep Diver by Ūberrime.

The Package…

As usual, when ordering from Ūberrime, my toy came with an envelope marked with the Company’s logo and hand signed by Marco himself. Along with this envelope was the toy I ordered inside a nice drawstring bag that feels silky. The amount of love put into these packages is very apparent.

Attention to Detail…

The moment I pulled the Deep Diver from its packaging I noticed the attention to detail. The amount of time that is spent sculpting these toys during the beginning stage of their creation is very obvious. Each little “suction cup” on the tentacle was individually crafted, giving them an extremely realistic look. After gawking at this toy for several minutes, I finally came to the realization that the aqua/green part of the toy is glow in the dark! To me this little detail made the toy come to life. There’s just something so magical about having a tentacle toy that is lifelike AND glow in the dark. The Deep Diver is made of body-safe, platinum cured silicone and is a total of 6.25 inches long.

Fashion AND Function!?

After falling in love with how elegant the deep diver looks, I started to take note of the shape. As a trans girl who enjoys anal stimulation, I prefer something designed with the prostate or “G-Spot” in mind. This toy performs g-spot stimulation with ease and always has me writhing in pleasure begging for more.  Ūberrime also offers a toy called the Jellyfish 2.0 that provides some very fun ridges all the way down the shaft. If you prefer something without a curve, this one might be for you. Something I would like to point out about the Deep Diver is the way the “suction cups” act like little ridges. Some of my favorite toys have ridges and it always provides an amazing feeling when thrusting the toy in and out of myself.

All the Ridges!!

I feel the need to point out just how great these “suction cups” do the job. When I speak about the ridges there is a lot more to it than just having some bumps on the toy. Every other toy I own that has this sort of design only has them on a single part of the toy. This toy has them from top to bottom while also curving around. The curve causes you to receive stimulation almost all the way around wherever you’re penetrating. The Deep Diver is a rare find for anyone who loves their ridges. If you prefer having ridges but enjoy a more phallic shape, check out the “Aqua-King“.

The Swirl…

Anytime I review a toy that has a swirl I make a point to show how artistic the creator can be. Marco never ceases to amaze me with his toys, and the swirl is his “cherry on top”. The Deep Diver has a magical marbling consisting of red/orange and violet while the “suction cups” are separately colored with a glow in the dark aqua/green. The swirl forms a beautiful flower effect with lovely red/orange petals.

Final Thoughts…

Overall i would say this is a wonderful toy for anal play. The curve of the Deep Diver makes reaching my g-spot a very simple task. This mixed with the “suction cups” causes a euphoric sensation that is very difficult to find in my experience. Usually you wouldn’t see body-safe and glow in the dark in the same place, but this toy is an exception to the rule. After two years in the sexwork industry the Deep Diver is only the second toy I have found that truly looks and feels like a tentacle. If tentacles are your thing, this toy is for you.

Rating: 4.8/5

Price: $88.99

Buy here: The Deep Diver by Ūberrime


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